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One (1) Year Home Warranty Inspections

What is a warranty inspection?

  • A complete re-inspection on your new home that happens typically around the 10 to 11-month mark of living in the home. 

Why are warranty inspections important?

  • It will potentially save you money down the road if any defects or safety concerns are observed during the re-inspection.

  • They reveal potential issues and any safety hazards that are unknown/ unexposed to the homeowner before any major damage occurs.

How does it save you money?

  • If you don't get a warranty inspection and you discover defects or safety concerns after living in your home for 12 months; these issues will not be covered by your builder's home warranty plan. Therefore, you will have to pay out of pocket for any repairs that are needed.

  • Issues left unresolved for extended periods of time may cause the damage(s) to spread to components located nearby that would have been unaffected if the issues were corrected sooner. 

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